Photos, July 11-14


Old house in the Dorcol section of Belgrade


IMG_1698 The Belgrade Zoo in Kalemegdan Park. My old stomping grounds when I was a kid. Yes, the animals really are that close. They count on people not being stupid!


A display on Carnival customs in Slavic countries at the Ethnographic Museum. This one’s from Montenegro. Mustang Mary could learn a thing or two from this guy!


Our verger could use one of these!


Last night in Belgrade (this time around). At the oldest restaurant in Belgrade “Znak ?”


The light burning behind the icon was brought from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, kindled during the Great Vigil of Easter. This is in the cathedral in Belgrade

IMG_1708IMG_1733IMG_1730IMG_1727IMG_1715IMG_1725IMG_1607IMG_1602IMG_1618 (1)IMG_1616IMG_1600IMG_1618IMG_1612IMG_1619 IMG_1654 IMG_1599 IMG_1596IMG_1604 IMG_1611 IMG_1609


Filming a movie just outside our Belgrade apartment!


This guy was awesome! Bought a CD


Now THAT’S a breakfast sandwich! Lepinja (flatbread) with kajmak


Map with pins at the Open Air Village museum showing places around the world where visitors have come from. Only two pins on the US and they are on Miami — guess who?


Cousin Boba’s first selfie


I know McDonald’s is everywhere now, but I’m still surprised to see it in Belgrade! Why even have it here when cevapcici are so much better!

IMG_1662 IMG_1674 IMG_1670 IMG_1671 (1) IMG_1634IMG_1645IMG_1648IMG_1605IMG_1675IMG_1676IMG_1705IMG_1699IMG_1697IMG_1695 IMG_1597 IMG_1643 IMG_1614 IMG_1603 IMG_1665


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